Devin Oishi: Artist

Devin Oishi is an artist, teacher, cyclist, and all around thinker about everything: buildings, toys, paintings, inventions. . . but he never seems to be "done."

"Art is the means through which culture and civilization travel across generations." Mr. Oishi has been using his narratives to shine a spotlight on the past in order to move forward into the future. “I ka Wā Mahope l ka Wā Mamua.” “The future exists in the past.” “As old ways fade,  the knowledge we need to succeed in the future crumbles. The memory that all creation is interdependent is hidden in our subconscious. My art is a bridge between myself and my culture that allows me to travel with the ancestors to create a viable future by unveiling the holistic nature of life. I look to my heritage as a source of hope. I move forward with the thoughts of my peers and ancestors. With knowledge of history, culture, architecture, and the creative process I develop images to navigate us into the future by recalling the past.”

Mr. Oishi works in whatever material is handy in various genres. Often he has pens, pencils, cameras, and  computers. He has spent extensive time with paint and ceramics. One year was spent studying architecture where he was able to deepen his knowledge of 3-D modeling, CAD, and other forms of digital manipulation and woodworking. “Animation, Tokusatsu, and comics were my inspiration as a Kindergarten artist. I continue to make comics and storybooks in addition to paintings, photos, and sculptures that reflect the status of Hawaiʻi and juxtapose moʻolelo, Japanese, and contemporary culture and history.” He often draws or photographs whatever is happening. His designs flows from extreme control to controlled chaos. Often drawings are an amalgam of sketchy, vigorous mark making that carve an image from the page.

His work has been exhibited  in Honolulu, St Louis, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, and Imago Mundi, La Biennale di Venezia, Italia. As an artist and curator he has been most prominent at the Honolulu Museum of Art School's Mezzanine Gallery with the artist group Mangabento,

Straight out of college he started working in schools and has taught General Art, Photography, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Digital Media (videography), Graphics, sculpture, and Aquascience at several schools.  He continues to speak through various venues such as Hawaii Feast and Pecha Kucha.

He volunteered with or worked with many art organizations including the City and County of Honolulu's art collection, the Academy of Arts, Contemporary Museum, and the Japanese Cultural Center. He remains active in the art community organizing events with Mangabento and working with Comic Jam Hawaii. In the past he participated with the Printmakers, Artists of Hawaii and the Watercolor Society.

In his free time he built a fence, a cabinet and redid the joists in his grandmother's house with the skills he learned in art school to build strainers and frames.

When he can he travels, often by bicycle and has been to most of the major islands, half the United states, parts of Europe, Japan, Canada, and Mexico.

Prints and other products can be purchased at Redbubble or Devientart:


March 2013

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